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  • “I loved seeing the dolphins in St. Lucia with my son!”

    St. Lucia Life Experience®
  • Thank you for this amazing program. As a single woman, it is scary to travel to other countries. I loved meeting my fellow travelers and the camaraderie of the group activities. I was able to experience the local culture with people I could trust. I have made incredible friendships and my wish list keeps growing! You have definitely impressed me and I look forward to traveling the world with confidence!

    Barcelona Life Experience®
  • “Our host was excellent! The hotel was spectacular! And for the folks who didn’t earn the trip, the price point was very good!

    Destin, Florida Life Experience®
  • “I had a magnificent Life Experience® with incredible activities and wonderful people!”

    New York City Life Experience®
  • “The Mallorca Life Experience® was great!”
    “La Mallorca Life Experience® était super !”

    Mallorca Life Experience®
  • “Everything was perfect! A very friendly group, interesting and informative excursions, fabulous hotel rooms, and very refined local cuisine! Thank you MWR Life!”

    St. Lucia Life Experience®
  • “Mallorca was my first Life Experience® and it was a great success! Great hotel, great setting, and beautiful excursions!”

    Guillaume S.
    Mallorca Life Experience®
  • We were excited to take our Life Experience® Trip and could not be happier with our “Experience.” From the moment we touched down at the airport we were greeted with a smile and taken to our hotel. we walked into our room and found a gift from MWR Life to help make our trip memorable. We have already booked our next Life Experience® and can’t wait to go!

    Ron & Jennifer
    Destin, FL Life Experience®
  • “I had a fantastic Life Experience® that thrilled all of us!”

    New York City Life Experience®
  • “Such a magical experience!”

    Caribbean Cruise Life Experience®
  • “My son & I had an amazing time! Our room was beautiful with a gorgeous view and we had a lot of fun on the dolphin cruise. It was fun to be on vacation with my dearest friends!”

    Destin, Florida Life Experience®
  • “I love traveling to places I wanted to photograph but never knew what else to do when I was there. The Life Experience® Trip format is perfect for me. I was able to meet some fantastic and positive friends, do group activities and excursions as well as having free time to photograph the locals and capture the culture. I am hooked on Life Experiences®, thank you and keep up the great work!”

    La Reuinion Life Experience®
  • “It was an amazing experience! I can’t wait to go on the next one! Incredible!”

    Barcelona Life Experience®
  • “A beautiful Life Experience® filled with sharing and discovery! MWR Life listens to all of our requests and takes care of us all!”

    Mallorca Life Experience®
  • “Absolutely AMAZING!! Great trip with great people!! Can’t wait for the next one!! I had a blast!!”

    Destin, Florida Life Experience®
  • “The hotel, excursions, and other members were all FANTASTIC! Everything was perfect!”

    Tenerife Life Experience®
  • “WOW! Awesome time with awesome friends! I will remember this Life Experience® forever”

    Caribbean Cruise Life Experience®
  • “The Mallorca Life Experience® was a thrilling experience! Our hotel was splendid with a sea view balcony and welcoming pool to enjoy with friends! Our Life Experience® Host was super and was the cherry on top of the cake! We got to discover all of Mallorca in true VIP style, I will remember this trip forever!”

    Guillaume L.
    Mallorca Life Experience®
  • “A beautiful trip and wonderful experience!”
    “Une belle voyage et une expérience merveilleuses !”

    Mallorca Life Experience®