Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? You'll find the answers here.

Q: How do I book a Life Experience Trip®?

A: It’s easy to book a Life Experience® trip! If you are logged in simply choose the Life Experience® you want to take, select the number of guests and then click on Proceed to Booking. If you are not logged in or do not have an account it is easy to register. The hardest part is deciding which incredible Life Experience® to go on!

Q: Who else can I bring with me on my Life Experience Trip®?

A: As with any membership, there are always some limitations. Our Life Experiences® are priced per person and based on double occupancy. Therefore, a maximum of two (2) adults per booking aged 18 or older may go on a Life Experience® trip provided that at least one (1) is a member.

Q: If I am using a business name how do I book a Life Experience Trip®?

A: We are membership-based and have people traveling all around the world, therefore when booking a Life Experience®, there needs to be a person’s name associated with the trip. The use of business names, entities, trusts or partnerships cannot be used.

Q: How do I know if new Life Experience Trips® are available?

A: You may check on our website by visiting www.LifeExperiences.MWRLife.com. You may also visit our social media pages such as; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram for sneak peeks of trips that are about to be released! You may also subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know of new Life Experience® trips!

Q: What if I want to bring my children on a Life Experience Trip®?

A: All Life Experience® trips are priced per person based on double occupancy unless otherwise noted by a special offer. A dependent child may accompany you and count as the double occupancy or if with 2 adults you may also pay the cost of adding a child. Dependent children are those who are under the age of 18 and live with you as their legal guardian or parent. Dependent children may also be between the ages of 19 and 25 if attending a school or university or a child or person who is disabled and is legally under your care can travel with you as a dependent child on a Life Experience™ trip

Q: Is there a minimum age to go on a Life Experience Trip®?

A: Every Life Experience® trip is unique and because of this you will need to carefully review the details listed on the booking page. Every hotel, resort property, and even country policies may vary. The minimum age to occupy a cabin on a cruise line is 21 unless accompanied by a person age 25 or older while hotels and resorts are usually 18 or older.

Q: How many people can occupy one room or cabin on a Life Experience Trip®?

A: Most hotels, resorts, and cruise lines have a maximum number of guests that may occupy one room. So depending on the Life Experience® trip, it may be necessary to book an additional room. If this is the case then you would be responsible for the additional charges needed. It’s always a good idea to see if adjoining rooms are available as well.

Q: Can I extend my Life Experience® trip by adding extra days or nights?

A: If you are not ready for your Life Experience® trip to end then just contact our member support team so we can check room availability at your location at the beginning or end of your trip. The cost of the extra night, or nights, may vary from your original booking date. The room rates reflect what is available at the resort or hotel at the time of reservation.

Q: What if I want to upgrade my Life Experience® trip accommodations?

A: Sure, if your destination has the space available you may upgrade your Life Experience® trip. We encourage you to treat yourself but keep in mind that you will be responsible for any additional costs or fees. Contact our member support team if you need assistance or want to inquire about an upgrade.

Q: What causes the price of a Life Experience® trip to change from the price listed?

A: If you are traveling alone or with children, these rates will change. All Life Experience® trips are priced per person based on 2 adults per room. When booking your trip with your friends, family or just you, the rates will often increase or decrease, depending on a number of people you bring. However, whether it is just you or your entire family and friends your Life Experience® trip extras will remain the same!

Q: My friend/family member wants to share their Life Experience® Loyalty Points with me, can I use them?

A: Unfortunately, Life Experience® Loyalty Points cannot be transferred or used by different members. Points are earned and received by each member, making their points exclusive to only them and the Life Experience® trips he or she books and travels on.

Q: What if I need help booking airfare for my Life Experience® trip?

A: With a Travel Advantage Memberships you are able to search and book flights to thousands of destinations! If you need help or don’t have a membership simply contact our member support team and we will be happy to assist you!

Q: Can I use my nickname when booking a Life Experience® trip?

A: No, you and all other travelers must use their full legal name, as shown on government-issued passports or official driver’s license whenever you book a Life Experience® trip.

Q: I made a name or spelling mistake when booking my Life Experience® trip, now what?

A: Contact our member support team immediately. Most of our travel providers allow no name changes 30 days before the date of travel. This includes all travelers in your party. Each person must also use their full legal name when booking the trip. Any costs or fees associated with a name change will be billed to you. Take your time during booking and review the information in your confirmation email to make sure all the information is correct.

Q: What if I need to acquire or renew my passport?

A: Unfortunately, this is not something we can assist you with. To acquire or renew your passport you will need to contact your government and follow their passport request and renewal process. Be sure to start this process as soon as possible as these requests often take weeks and even months to complete.

Q: Do you have information about visa requirements for my Life Experience® trip?

A: Visa and tourism regulations is not something we are able to help you with. Visit your country’s official government website to determine what is needed regarding your visa requirements.

Q: Are there vaccinations that I may need before going on my Life Experience® trip?

A: Some of our Life Experience® destinations may require vaccinations depending on the specific country that the trip is in. If needed, you and all others traveling will need to get the necessary vaccinations. Check with your healthcare provider and the countries official government website to be on the safe side. All vaccinations are the responsibility of the travelers.

Q: I have special dietary needs; can you assist me during my Life Experience® trip?

A: We do our best to accommodate you in any way possible. Contact our member support team and make them aware of your dietary requirements at least 60 days before you travel. We will work with the resort, hotel, or cruise line to see if your accommodations can be met.

Q: What if I am disabled or need a wheelchair?

A: Most of the destinations chosen for our Life Experience® trips can accommodate those who have special needs. However, there are some tours and activities that may have restrictions. If you are disabled and have questions we recommend contacting member support team 60 days before you travel.

Q: Is there a luggage or bag restriction on a Life Experience® trip?

A: Every transportation company and service has different restrictions on the amount of luggage that you carry on or check as well as weight limits. Before traveling to your Life Experience® destination check with your travel carrier website to see their specific restrictions.

Q: What about safety during my Life Experience® trip?

A: Our Life Experience® trips are located all over the world, where security and safety can change rapidly. Before your Life Experience® trip it is best to research your destination’s local culture, the climate and then pack and dress accordingly. It’s always best to try and fit in, don’t wear your most expensive jewelry and as always follow basic rules of safe travel

Q: What if I need to cancel my Life Experience® trip?

A: Whenever you need to cancel a booking it is imperative that you contact our member support team right away. Our Cancellation Policy and terms will apply regarding fees and refunds. On the rare chance, we decide it is best to cancel a Life Experience® trip due to safety or other unforeseen problems, our Terms and Conditions will apply regarding refunds of your booking fees. If you decide to cancel your Life Experience® trip you are responsible for fees according to the cancellation terms, and any other specific rules that are located on the trip’s details page.

Q: I have a question that was not addressed on this page. Where can I get my question answered?

A: If you still have a question about your Life Experience® trip we can help! Contact our member support team 24/7, we will happily answer any questions you may have!